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Ventricle Health supplements your existing healthcare with a digital care team focused on your heart.

Live healthier, happier, longer.

Our team

Meet the Ventricle Health team

Building a better future for hearts everywhere.

Sean O’Donnell
Dan Bensimhon
Chief Medical Officer
Mike Guenther
Chief of Staff
Eshwar Inapuri
Head of Product
Anup Singh
Head of Business Development
Alicia Hernandez
Senior Director of Telehealth Operations
Michelle Cowan
Clinical Lead
Carrie Cotter
Financial Advisor
Ken Petronis
Business Advisor
Emir Ibrahimbegovic
Director of Software Engineering
Emily Friesen
Registered Nurse
Matheus Camara
Software Engineer
Sheila Looney
Elizabeth Russ
Certified Pharmacy Technician

50% of Americans with cardiovascular disease do not have immediate access to a cardiologist.

About Us

Why we care

Ventricle Health's corporate mission is to empower its members with seamless access to high quality cardiac care, enabling them to lead healthier, happier and longer lives. We exist to meet our members wherever they may be with virtual, evidence-based therapy, remote patient monitoring and patient education and advocacy.

Who we are

Ventricle Health was founded in 2021 by top heart failure cardiologist, Dr. Dan Bensimhon. Dr. Bensimhon’s vision is to build the most proactive, engaging and impactful provider network for cardiac care in the U.S.