Timely & scalable implementation of evidence based therapy

Partnering with health systems and payers to transform cardiac care

Why partner with Ventricle Health?

We're a physician-led network of cardiologists, health coaches and pharmacists focused on optimizing care.

We will get patients on guideline-directed medical therapy and improve quality and outcomes metrics

Use us for seamless primary care to cardiology escalation or to offer on demand cardiac care, reducing ER utilization

We collaborate with your existing clinical teams and also offer white-labeled services so patients see your brand

There’s an access issue

50% of cardiovascular patients do not have ready access to a cardiologist


1 in 4

Admitted heart failure patients are readmitted within 30 days of discharge



of eligible heart failure (HF) patients are on guideline recommended drugs


1 in 3

atrial fibrillation patients will have a stroke in their lifetime



of eligible Afib patients are adequately prescribed anti-coagulation therapy


1 in 5

heart attack survivors die within a year



of eligible heart attack patients are adequately treated with beta blockers

There’s a scale issue

42% of Medicare beneficiaries have at least one heart condition

Peer reviewed studies show that high-touch, evidence-based care pathways can measurably increase utilization of life-saving therapy. However, scaling high-touch care can be very difficult for healthcare organizations that aren't virtual-first.

The ventricle health solution

Eliminate friction, optimize care

We combine high-touch virtual care with data-driven, software powered clinical protocols. We are built to do this at scale.


Increase use of drugs proven to lower hospitalization and mortality

Improve quality metrics associated with vitals and medication utilization


Increase access to care, reducing utilization of emergency room services

video call

Enable partners to focus on in-person medicine while eliminating friction and optimizing outcomes in the background


Proactively track disease progression and response to therapy

Increase access to medication via financial support programs and delivery

health coach

Offer white-labeled services so patients see one consistent brand

Partner with us

Managing heart failure requires careful attention to symptoms and treatment. Normally, 1 in 4 patients are readmitted within 30 days from being discharged. We’ll work to keep your patients healthier for longer.

We work with health systems and payers over a period of 3-6 months to get patients on guideline therapy and enhance behavioral health.

We offer primary care providers an easy way to escalate patient care to cardiologists without having to worry about access or availability.

The patient experience

On demand access to clinicians. Devices and therapies shipped to the home.

1. Enroll
We’ll capture your medical history and schedule a one-on-one to learn more about you.
2. Monitor
You’ll recieve internet connected devices in the mail so that our doctors can monitor your heart.
3. Treat
You'll receive personalized prescriptions, and our team will make sure you can afford them and that they make you feel better.
4. Learn
Our health coaches will help you build habits for a stronger heart and teach you strategies to stay healthy.
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5. Heal
We work with your existing care team (family included) to make sure you live healthier, happier, longer.